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Digital Wire is a Digital PR Consultancy which excels in Corporate Online Reputation Management and Digital PR Analytics.

We believe in taking your stories to the audiences in a creative and an engaging manner enabling them to linger long on the minds of the viewers.

Our hands on experience and updated knowledge on the latest technologies, trends and practices enable our team to develop and strengthen your Digital PR strategies gaining maximum ROI.

Proactively influence on the information accessed and perceived on your brand. ORM has the ability to “create stronger alliance between customers and the firm.” (Beal and Strauss, 2008).

Digital Wire identifies ORM as the key process in the Gen Z marketing landscape which positions, monitors, measure s talk s and listen s as organizations engage in transparent and ethical dialog s with its various online stakeholders which may as well reach beyond the online to offline consumer and stakeholder perception building.

Digital Wire contributes towards social media strategies that work to counter, weaken or eliminate negative material online and generate and promote the brand positives.

Digital Wire strives to entrust the clients with a well managed ORM strategy that extends to overall Corporate Reputation that generates higher trust, more business, attract and retain the best team members and future proofing brands from any harmful press, negative reviews on social media.

global reach

Digital Wire aims to build creative solutions for clients in many different sectors from our offices based both locally in Sri Lanka and overseas.

We combine Marketing and Digital focus resulting in insightful consultancy providing a global solution delivering greater results.


Online Crisis Management
ORM Audit
Sentiment Analysis
Building strong
Brand Presence
Reputation building and
Creating online transparency
Negative Content Management
Detractor Analysis
Brand Monitoring
Conversation Analysis

ORM Prospects

Audit & Sentiment Analysis

identifying a brand’s top search phrases and existing online presence, and analyzing on existing reputation gaps (Aggressive SEO/ Negative Reviews/Negative online media coverage etc.)

Negative Content Management & Detractor Analysis

Help a brand to turn detractors into promoters by following up and taking care of the issue with active and positive brand engagement.

Building strong Brand Presence

Unique content that varied Target Publics consider worth sharing, mentioning, reposting, and reviewing. Own media , New media Rich Media , Earned Media Industry specific listings

Online Crisis Management

360 degree monitoring and strategizing on counter communications with quick and confident responding.

Building strong Brand Presence

Gathering public online content

Reputation Building & online transparency

Advocating brands on social media policy and strategy development

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